Innerview [Mercury]

Saturday morning
serials chapters 1 through 15
Fly paper penny loafers Lucky Strike Green
Flat tops sock hops Studebaker Pepsi please

Ah, do you remember these?

Cigar bands on your hand
your daddy's socks rolled down
Sticks snow floats and aviator caps
 with flaps that button down
Movie stars on Dixie Cup tops
and knickers to your knees
Ah, do you remember these?

The hit parade grape Tru-Aid
The Sadie Hawkins Dance
Pedal pushers duck tail hair
and peggin' your pants
Howdie-Doodie Tutti-Frutti
the seam up the back of her hose

Ah, do you remember those?

James Dean he was keen
Sunday movies were taboo
The Senior Prom Judy's mom
 rock and roll was new
Cracker Jack prize stars in your eyes
 as daddy tore the keys

Ah, do you remember these?

The boogey man lemonade
and takin' your tonsils out
Hindenburg and wait your turn
 and four foul balls you're out
Cigarette loads and secret codes
 and savin' lucky stars

Can you remember back that far?

The boat neck shirts and fender skirts
 and crinoline petticoats
Mum's the word and a dirty bird
 and a double root beer float
Moon hub caps and loud heel taps
 and he's a real gone cat

Ah, do you remember that?

Dancin' close little moron jokes
 and cooties in her hair
Captain Midnight Ovaltine
and The Whip at the County Fair
Charles Atlas Course Roy Roger's Horse
 and only The Shadow knows
Ah, do you remember those?
Gable's charm Frog in your arm
 loud mufflers pitchin' woo
Going steady Veronica and Betty
white bucks and Blue Suede Shoes
Knock Knock jokes
and who's there Dewey Dewey who

Do we remember these?
 yes we do ah, do we do we remember these.

Com o nome tirado de uma marca de tecidos, os quatro membros do Statlers Brothers, na realidade, não partilham laços familiares, mas sim a peculiaridade de ser um dos mais bem sucedidos grupos vocais na
história da música country americana.
O grupo formou-se em Staunton, VA, em 1955. Os Statlers foram, inicialmente, um trio com o baixo Harold Reid, o barítono Phil Balsley e o tenor Lew DeWitt. Em 1960, o irmão caçula de Harold, Don, se juntou ao grupo.
Em 1982 uma doença forçou DeWitt a se afastar do grupo. Jimmy Fortune o sucedeu e o grupo, embora não mais excursione, continua gravando e se apresentando até hoje.  
Pesquisa e formatação: Ida Aranha