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Neil Sedaka
How I'd like to look into that little book
The one that has the lock and key
And know the boy that you care for
The boy who's in your diary
When it's late at night
what is the name you write?
Ohwhat I'd give if I could see
Am I the boy that you care for?
The boy who's in your diary
Do you recall and make note of all
The little things I say and do?
The name you underline I'm hoping that it's mine
Darling I'm so in love with you-oo
Please don't leave me blue
make all my dreams come true
You know how much you mean to me
Say I'm the boy that you care for
The boy who's in your di-a-ry

Neil  Sedaka nasceu no Brooklyn, NY, em 1939, neto de imigrantes turcos e russo-poloneses. Desde cedo demonstrou pendor para a música e já na high scholl formou um grupo vocal, the Tokens.  
Depois de várias tentativas que não se mostraram tão promissoras, ainda muito jovem, Sedaka comprou três discos com as músicas de maior sucesso no momento, estudou-as com afinco e descobriu que tinham características semelhantes. Dentro desse raciocínio decidiu compor uma canção que incorporasse esses elementos e compôs "Oh! Carol" com Howard Greenfield, que se tornou um sucesso em 1959.
  1959 Rock with Sedaka
  1961 Circulate
  1972 Emergence (UK)
  1972 Neil Sedaka (UK)
 1972 Solitaire (UK)
  1973 The Tra-la Days Are Over (UK)
  1974 Laughter In The Rain (UK)
  1974 Live at the Royal Festival Hall (UK) (live)
  1975 Sedaka's Back (US)
  1975 Overnight Success (UK)
  1975 The Hungry Years (US)
  1976 Sedaka Live in Australia at the South Sydney Junior Leagues Club
 1976 Steppin' Out
  1977 Neil Sedaka and Songs - A Solo Concert (live 2-LP)
  1977 A Song
 1977 Neil Sedaka and Songs
 1978 All You Need Is the Music
  1980 In the Pocket
  1981 Now
  1984 Come See About Me
  1986 The Good Times
  1991 Timeless - The Very Best Of Neil Sedaka (new recordings of old songs and new songs)
  1993 Love Will Keep Us Together (compilation and new songs)
  1995 Song Cycle (songs culled from 1972 UK albums "Emergence" and "Solitaire," previously unavailable in US)
  1995 Classically Sedaka
  1997 Tales of Love (and Other Passions)
   2000 The Singer and His Songs
  2003 Brighton Beach Memories - Neil Sedaka Sings Yiddish
  2003 Oh! Carol: The Complete Recordings, 1955-1966 (8-CD box with previously unreleased material)
  2006 The Very Best of Neil Sedaka:
 The Show Goes On (2-CD career retrospective with 7 "new" [2003] recordings); tie-in with release of new
DVD (filmed 12 Apr 06) in London, "Neil Sedaka: Live at the Royal Albert Hall--The Show Goes On"
  2006 The Miracle of Christmas
  2007 Neil Sedaka: The Definitive Collection
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